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Dr Oussama Alacui is a prosthodontist, specializing in the refined art of complex dental restoration and full mouth rehabilitation. Highly trained in the field of aesthetic reconstruction, Dr Oussama did his specialization in France. He has more than 20 years of international experience including 5 years in France. Often referred to as a “smile architect” Dr Oussama works as a maestro, he has a deep understanding of the perfect balance and ratios required to recreate natural beauty, while he guides his team using state of the art technology to deliver the perfect smile.

When I see the smile in my patients eyes after our reconstructive journey, it removes all the fatigue.

Dr Oussama Alaoui

Dr Oussama’s artistic expression is not only limited to the beautiful smiles he creates, as an avid photographer he uses his photography skills to capture his clients’ smiles and their new found confidence, taking striking portraits and close-ups in his studio. The close-ups are sometimes combined with calligraphy, or repeated in fractal-like patters to create inspiring works of art.

Dr Oussama’s passion for photography travels with him wherever he goes, and many of his black and white photographs have been exibited as they documents everyday life through the poetry of form and the human condition.  

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Like our finger prints, each smile is unique and individual, and recreating the most perfect and natural smile that matches the distinct personality and character of every pateint requires Dr Oussama to have an artistic talent that can equal the craftsmanship of nature. Working with the refined details of color, texture and form, Dr Oussama combines his aesthetic inspiration with years of specialized expertise and the lastest technology in prosthodentistry. 

“Teeth aren’t pearly, until you smile.” Anthony Liccione

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Before Dr Oussama starts any digital designs, he begins each individual case with an analysis into the patients personality, by understanding their life and who they are he can determine how their oral health affects them in their daily life. A good healthy smile is not only based on personal preference, there are very important scientific and technical guidelines that need to be taken into account. As the mastermind behind each dental transformation, Dr Oussama is always the first and the last person a patient will see in their reconstructive jourmey. Working with a team of specialized surgeons, orthodontists, and some of the best labs in the world he guides them to deliver beautiful smiles, that in turn change people’s lives.

“The most beautiful curve on a women’s body is her smile.”  Bob Marley


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